Super Apps and MTOs White Paper (Summer 2020)

Super Apps: 

An Overlooked Partnership Opportunity for Money Transfer Operators

Today, Super Apps are potential albeit intriguing partners for Money Transfer Operators (MTOs). Tomorrow they will be formidable competitors. Why? 

Super Apps are integrating payments and financial services into their app ecosystems. They have large and growing client bases, and they allow for services to be paid for with their digital wallets. Rather than develop their own digital wallets, MTOs can leverage the reach of Super Apps’ digital wallets. In fairness to Super Apps, MTOs must ask themselves if they are attractive digital candidates. They need to consider where they are on their digital journey and what level of digital enablement they can or want to adopt and support.

We believe that Super Apps should be rapidly engaged as potential partners rather than wait for them to become rivals.

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5G And Payments: Velocity Vs. Vulnerability

5G and Payments ‐ Velocity vs. Vulnerability:
Can Payment Systems & Infrastructure Keep Up?

5G promises to extend network reach and density while improving the speed and connectivity of individual connections. Are legacy payment systems and infrastructure equipped to handle the coming rush of payments and data volume?

The ability of regulators and financial institutions to upgrade payment systems to handle this increased payment velocity, while simultaneously protecting against new threats will be key to realizing the promise of 5G. If these open networks cannot do so, more nimble closed-loop networks will have the upper hand.

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KoreFusion Payments Perspective – Summer 2016: The Impact of Brexit on FinTech

Download the PDF: Summer 2016 Payments Quarterly – The Impact of Brexit: Recalibrating Six Drivers

Herein, and in light of last week’s referendum in the UK, we’ve compiled some of our thoughts regarding how the FinTech industry will likely be impacted by Brexit. This is the first in a series of articles that will explore this topic, and focuses on macro trends.  Subsequent articles will measure the impact on specific sub-segments within FinTech and the spillover to other global regions. (Spoiler Alert: not all is lost).


KoreFusion Payments Perspective – Fall 2015: Retail Intelligence

KoreFusion Payments Perspective – Fall 2015

Introducing Retail Intelligence

Our Fall 2015 Payments Perspective examines how payment providers (such as merchant acquirers and processors with strong merchant services businesses) are moving beyond payments-oriented value-added services (VAS), as means to escape the commoditization and eroded margins of core processing/acquiring services.  A holistic approach to merchant services, we have coined “Retail Intelligence”, is required.

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KoreFusion Payments Perspective – Spring 2015: Money Transfer Industry

KoreFusion Payments Perspective – Spring 2015

MTOs Need to Look Beyond the Traditional to Find Faster Growth

Our Spring 2015 Payments Perspective examines the key trends impacting the global money transfer industry and how we believe Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) need to evolve their businesses to remain relevant.  The money transfer business is under unrelenting pressure from a host of sources that are squeezing margins and threatening growth. Many MTOs recognize these challenges but continue to respond with old-school grounded visions of the industry. Traditional paths to growth are unlikely to lead to sustained market leadership and will only provide incremental gains. MTOs that want to capture and preserve long-term advantages need to consider adjacent areas of growth that can transform their industry.

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